Our Pilot:

Jim Bulkley is an FAA Certified Commercial Balloon pilot who has held a pilot’s license since 1996.  Jim has been interested in anything that flies since he was a little boy.  He obtained his private pilot’s license while serving active duty in the US Air Force.  Jim got involved in ballooning in June 2005 after attending a local hot air balloon festival with his wife.  A week later they went on their first balloon ride and he was hooked.  A few weeks after that he purchased his first balloon and started working towards his Hot Air Balloon rating, completing it in September of 2005.

Jim’s number one concern is safety.  Balloon flights are very dependent on good weather and  Jim is constantly monitoring the most up to date weather conditions.  This assures the safety of each flight.  He has a perfect safety record and intends to keep it that way.  This is not his full time job and he will not push a flight into marginal weather to make a buck!

Our Crew:

Our base crew consists of friends and family. We have a couple of dedicated crew members who have supported Jim in his love of flying for the last 5 years. We also get support from Endless Mountains Hot Air Balloon company and support them as well.

We’re always looking for dedicated people who are willing to crew for our flights. If you’re interested in participating in the sport of ballooning as ground crew, please call 570.466.1132 for details. We often get to fly our crew members in exchange for their help. Also, for those interested in becoming a balloon pilot, providing crew support in exchange for licensed training is an excellent (and cheaper) opportunity to build experience and flying hours.

Our Company:

While safety is our first priority, sharing our love of ballooning is a close second.  We pride ourselves in being a small family owned company providing a very unique service resulting in a lasting memory.  We’ll treat you as our special guest, not as a nameless tourist!