A typical flight…

After meeting the pilot and crew at the launch site, the balloon will be inflated by fan with ambient air. Your pilot will heat the balloon to stand it up for flight and you will be asked to climb into its wicker basket. The pilot will perform a safety briefing as the crew makes final flight preparations. Your pilot will again heat the balloon making you lighter than air and you’ll begin your majestic ascent.

You’ll fly to the tree tops where you can have conversations with people in their backyards and then float as high as 5000 feet. Here you’ll have full panoramic views and witness the true beauty of our region. It’s common to see wildlife in their habitat, the reflection of the balloon in lakes or ponds, and always the mysterious balloon shadow on the breathtaking landscape. People will stop their cars to take your picture or wave to you from the ground. You’ll continue to fly 5 to 10 miles while you skim the trees or climb the skies. After about an hour, you’ll begin final descent as your pilot finds a suitable landing site. Often you’ll land on someone’s property who is thrilled to have the balloon drop in for a surprise visit. Finally, your adventure will end with a charming balloon story and a champagne toast.

Flight Times

We fly right after sunrise and two hours before sunset. These are the times when the air is most stable providing for the safest and most enjoyable flight. Balloons do not fly in rain, fog, snow or wind above 7 mph. Weather conditions affect the decision to fly or not to fly and are monitored to ensure a safe flight for all.

Launch Site and Landing Site

Since balloons fly with the wind, several common locations are used for our launch sites. The launch site will be chosen based on wind direction as this is the only way to assure we will have a suitable area in which to land. The pilot will contact all passengers prior to departure to set the meeting location. The landing site will be determined by the wind. Common landing locations include open fields, large backyards, sports fields, parking lots, etc. Ground crew will assist in landing and will drive the pilot and passengers back to the launch site.

Ground Crew

The ground crew is responsible for assisting in the inflation, chase, and re-packing of the balloon equipment. We encourage all passengers to participate with the crew activities to fully experience the sport. It’s quite alright if you’re unable or wish not to perform any of these activities, but please let us know when making a reservation so we can plan for additional support.

What to Wear

Dress in casual attire according to the outside weather conditions. Because balloons can land in rough terrain open-toe shoes, sandals, and shorts are not recommended.